Focus on Chronic Venous Insufficiency

11 – 12 December 2020 Krakow, Poland


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Colleques,

It is my great pleasure to invite You to 8th International Symposium on Venous Interventions  being held in Cracow in Poland  11-12 December 2020. This year we plan to focus on chronic venous insuffiency. The venue of the Meeting will be Holiday Inn Hotel in Cracow located very near to the historical Old Town. In the program of 8th Symposium You will find plenty of interesting lectures as well as a number of well known Experts in this field. We hope that the symposium becomes also an interesting platform for the knowledge as well as experience exchange. All details available soon. The conference lectures and discussions will be supplemented by workshops. On behalf of the Organizers, we are looking forward to welcoming You to Cracow.   We hope, You will have an enjoyable and interesting experience throughout the meeting, as well as a pleasant stay in the unique atmosphere of the beautiful city Krakow. We wish all of You  a successful meeting – may You enjoy interesting, thought-provoking discussions and new experiences which, we hope, will also improve the care of the patients with venous disease in many countries. sincerely,

Tomasz Urbanek
President of Polish Society of Phlebology




Polish Society of Phlebology


Varicose Vein treatment in the advanced stages of the chronic venous disease

Enovenous, minimal invasive and surgical treatment of the superficial vein incompetence

Venous leg ulcer treatment – local conservative and invasive management

Reflux treatment in the venous leg ulcer patients

Compression in chronic venous insufficiency and venous leg ulcer treatment

Pharmacological treatment of leg oedema and chronic venous disease

Posthrombotic syndrome prevention and treatment

Chronic deep vein obstruction treatment

Perforator incompetence treatment

Prophylaxis and treatment of hyperpigmentations

DVT treatment and its recurrence prevention

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Very important scientific meeting of the year. Being at this conference is obligatory! Scientific event of the year! Very interesting topics and speakers every year! You do not need to go far to see “how it is done in the world”. Latest trends in diagnosis and treatment – always!

Sergio Gianesini, MD PhD FACS

„I truly congratulate prof. Urbanek for the so professional organization and for the truly top quality educational activities. His meetings are always a true and unique chance of both academic and every-day clinical skills advancement for all the attendees”.


The conference which navigating the future, focused on the educational component, recent advances and knowledge. Right time right now – don’t miss it! Every year new, interesting topics and proficient lecturers. Always the latest innovations in diagnosis and treatments. The measure of tomorrow. You don’t have to go far to share your skills and knowledge.

Our Location

Here’s the venue for the conference

Holiday Inn Conference Centre Wielopole 4 Street, Cracow, Poland

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