9th International Symposium on  Venous Interventions

FOCUS ON the News in Phlebology


3-4th December 2021


Main Topics:

I. Chronic venous disease

Update of the CVD guidelines – how should we treat the CVD patients in 2021?
What is new in the minimal invasive CVD treatment ?
Compression and pharmacological intervention in CVD patients – 2021 update
Sclerotherapy – important question

II. Venous thromboembolism

Update of VTE guidelines – 2021
What is new in the VTE prophylaxis ?
Update of DVT and PE treatment
VTE thromboprophylaxis in phlebology
VTE prophylaxis and treatment in cancer patients

III.  Postthrombotic syndrome and advanced stages of Chronic Venous Disease

Update of the Venous leg ulcer treatment in postthrombotic and non-thrombotic chronic venous disease
Corona phlebectatica (C4c) – should we treat it in early stages ?
PTS prevention possibilities
Deep venous obstruction and valve incompetence treatment update
Phlebological interventions in postthrombotic limbs
Skin care in the advanced stages of the chronic venous disease
Leg oedema – not always the same problem

IV. Phlebology 2021: News from the world – flash presentations (Special Guests invited)



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