10th International Symposium on Venous Interventions.

Focus on the office – based phlebology

1st-2nd December 2023 Krakow, Poland

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my great pleasure to invite You to Krakow to the 10th International Symposium on Venous interventions on 1st and 2nd December 2023. After years of the Covid -19 pandemic we will have the opportunity to meet again during this international event, which this year is dedicated to OFFICE-BASED PHLEBOLOGY. Development of minimal invasive techniques, new research and growing experience in the field of the conservative and interventional treatment of the chronic venous disease, give us the chance to help and cure the number of phlebological patients. Many of them are treated in out of hospital settings by the means of modern methods combined with high level of knowledge and experience. To increase the phlebological management possibilities in office -based settings, we invite You to two days international symposium dedicated to modern approach to the various venous system pathology treatment. For two days, during 11 scientific sessions and many lectures presented by international and domestic Experts, You will have an opportunity to increase Your knowledge on the venous disease patient management. We also hope, that the time booked for the questions and discussions as well as an exchange of the personal experience, will give all of us an opportunity to update our phlebological knowledge in this filed.

On behalf of the Organizers and Polish Society of Phlebology I do invite You to Krakow on the 1st and 2nd December to International Symposium on Venous Interventions – “Focus on office-based phlebology”. Inviting all of You to Krakow I would like to thank all international and polish Experts which we will see and meet in Krakow for their active participation and sharing with us their knowledge and experience. Looking forward to meet You in Krakow in December.

Professor Tomasz Urbanek
Head of the Organizing Committee.

Advanced Medicine Connect scholars

Symposium dedicated to: phlebologists, vascular surgeons, vascular medicine specialists, surgeons, dermatologists, general practitioniers and other physicians interested in the news on the phlebology.



Meet Speakers

Interesting Discusions

Global Conference

Main Topics:

Cosmetic aspects of phlebological treatment
Update of the great and small saphenous vein incompetence treatment
Reflux in the groin and popliteal fossa
Total minimal invasive approach in varicose vein treatment
Endovenous ablation update
Sclerotherapy update
Hybrid or staged procedures in phlebology
Complications in phlebology – prevention and treatment
New technologies
Prevention and treatment of varicose vein recurrence
Venoactive drugs in phlebology
Medical compression in CVD and leg swelling treatment – practical approach
Pelvic vein disease – diagnostics and treatment
Venous leg ulcer treatment in phlebological office
Medical and photographic documentation
Update of VTE and PTS prevention and treatment


International Faculty

Erika Mendoza (Germany)
Tobias Hirsch (Germany)
Uldis Maurins (Latvia)
Attilio Cavezzi (Italy)
Marianne de Maesenner (The Netherlands)

Marie Josee van Tongerlo – van Rijn (The Netherlands)
Jean-François Uhl (France)
František Žernovický (Slovakia)


Polish Faculty

Joanna Borecka – Sobczak (Poland)
Marcin Gabriel (Poland)
Eva Hajduk (Poland)
Grzegorz Halena (Poland)
Piotr Hawro (Poland)

Arkadiusz Jawień (Poland)
Jakub Kęsik (Poland)
Tomasz Kleszczyński (Poland)

Katarzyna Laskus-Stwora (Poland)
Wojciech Mikusek (Poland)
Michał Molski (Poland)
Zbigniew Krasiński (Poland)
Marcin Kucharzewski (Poland)
Tomasz Pelak (Poland)
Piotr Pruszczyk (Poland)
Wojciech Rybak (Poland)
Wojciech Skibiński(Poland)
Michał-Goran Stanišić (Poland)
Marcin Tusiński (Poland)
Tomasz Urbanek (Poland)
Łukasz Szczygieł (Poland)

Andrzej Szuba (Poland)
Sławomir Woźniak (Poland)
Tomasz Zubilewicz (Poland)



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What our Partners think about previous meetings

„I truly congratulate prof. Tomasz Urbanek for the so professional organization and for the truly top quality educational activities. His meetings are always a true and unique chance of both academic and every-day cinical skills advancement for all the attendees”.

Sergio Gianesini

Very important scientific meeting of the year. Being at this conference is obligatory! Scientific event of the year! Very interesting topics and speakers every year! You do not to go far to see „how is done in the world” Latest trends in diagnosis and treatment – always!


The conference which navigating the future, focused on the educational component, recent advances and knowledge. Right time right now – don’t miss it! Every year new, interesting topics and proficient lecturers.


Always the latest innovations in diagnosis and treatments. The measure of tommorow. You don’t have to go far to share your skills and knowlegde.


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