9th International Symposium on Venous Interventions


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Symposium dedicated to: phlebologists, vascular surgeons, vascular medicine specialists, radiologists, surgeons, dermatologists, general practitioniers and other physicians interested in the news on the phlebology.


Main Topics:

I. Chronic venous disease

  1. Update of the CVD guidelines – how should we treat the CVD patients in 2021?
  2. What is new in the minimal invasive CVD treatment ?
  3. Compression and pharmacological intervention in CVD patients – 2021 update
  4. Sclerotherapy – important questions

II. Venous thromboembolism

  1. Update of VTE guidelines – 2021
  2. What is new in the VTE prophylaxis?
  3. Update of DVT and PE treatment
  4. VTE thromboprophylaxis in phlebology
  5. VTE prophylaxis and treatment in cancer patients

III. Postthrombotic syndrome and advanced stages of Chronic Venous Disease

  1. Update of the Venous leg ulcer treatment in postthrombotic and non-thrombotic chronic
    venous disease
  2. Corona phlebectatica (C4c) – should we treat it in early stages ?
  3. PTS prevention possibilities
  4. Deep venous obstruction and valve incompetence treatment update
  5. Phlebological interventions in postthrombotic limbs
  6. Skin care in the advanced stages of the chronic venous disease
  7. Leg oedema – not always the same problem

IV. Phlebology 2021: News from the world – flash presentations (Special Guests invited)


International Faculty

Imre Bihari / HU /
Joseph Caprini / US /
Kathleen Gibson / US /
Neil Khilnani / US /
Nicos Labropoulos / US /​
Fedor Lurie / US /

Uldis Maurins / LV //
Nick Morrison / US/

Gil Shapira / IL /
Mark Whiteley /UK/

Frantisek Zernovicky / SK /

Polish Faculty

Joanna Borecka-Sobczak
Marcin Gabriel
Grzegorz Halena
Marek Iłżecki
Arkadiusz Jawień
Aleksandra Jaworucka-Kaczorowska
Jakub Kęsik
Tomasz Kleszczyński
Zbigniew Krasiński
Marcin Kucharzewski

Michał Molski
Wojciech Rybak
Zbigniew Rybak
Marian Simka
Michał Goran – Stanisic
Wojciech Sydor

Tomasz Urbanek
Adam Zieliński



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„I truly congratulate prof. Tomasz Urbanek for the so professional organization and for the truly top quality educational activities. His meetings are always a true and unique chance of both academic and every-day cinical skills advancement for all the attendees”.

Sergio Gianesini

Very important scientific meeting of the year. Being at this conference is obligatory! Scientific event of the year! Very interesting topics and speakers every year! You do not to go far to see „how is done in the world” Latest trends in diagnosis and treatment – always!


The conference which navigating the future, focused on the educational component, recent advances and knowledge. Right time right now – don’t miss it! Every year new, interesting topics and proficient lecturers.


Always the latest innovations in diagnosis and treatments. The measure of tommorow. You don’t have to go far to share your skills and knowlegde.


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